Discover how to move from frustrated to satisfied with your Soul Empowerment Guide, Serena James.

Soul Empowerment

Are you ready to finally take soul-aligned actions to create what you desire?

Does this Sound Like You?

  • You have high levels of stress and overwhelm.

  • You have low self-worth or self-confidence.

  • You are frustrated with feeling blocked or stuck from moving forward.

  • You feel lost with no direction on what to do or where to go next.

  • You don’t want to, but you tend to engage in self-sabotage.

  • You often do things you don’t really want to do because you THINK it’s what you’re supposed to do to get what you want.

  • You desire to have more ease and satisfaction in your life by aligning with your true, authentic self.

This is the roadmap that can change all of that for you.

The Soul Empowerment
Guided Experience

This is a personalized 10-week deep dive into your energy to discover and release what is holding you back so you can fully step into your divine power.

Each week you will have at least one energy healing experience with me with a follow-up email session if needed. Here’s an overview of each week.

Week 1: Soul-Aligned Intentions

Week 2: Clearing Out Traumas

Week 3: Deprogramming

Week 4: Acknowledging the Shadow

Week 5: Self-Love and Self-Worth

Week 6: Relationship Healing

Week 7: Overcoming Abundance Blocks

Week 8: Elevate Your Space

Week 9: Shine Your Light

Week 10: Soul-Empowered Present and Future

Watch Now

Get a closer look at the roadmap to see

what each week entails.

Meet Your
Soul Empowerment Guide

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Hi, I’m Serena, owner and energy healer at Just Be Energy Healing. As your Soul Empowerment Guide, I’m here to help you move into alignment with your soul mission by working with your energy.

Together we look at and refine your goals and dreams to harmonize with your gifts.

Then I work with your energy to identify, shift, and release the detrimental energy that has been holding you back and keeping you frustrated to move you to success and satisfaction.

The Soul Empowerment Guided Experience is 100% a one-on-one, personalized deep-dive into your hopes, dreams, and energy. 

This isn't your typical "let me show you how and then you go do all the work and maybe it'll help you or maybe you'll get tired and burned out and not see the results you wanted" type of program. This is a "let me work with your energy to clear the path for you to make soul-aligned decisions with ease" type of experience.

The Experience includes a Member's Area for additional support along the way, but it is not a Group program. It's all about you!

The Soul Empowerment Guided Experience is a one-time payment of $1749.

Space is limited. Registration closes Friday, March 25.

Frequently Asked Questions


This is for 10 weeks, but I know I'll be unavailable some days, am I still able to do this?

Yes, absolutely! Scheduling your weekly appointments is flexible. I will work with your schedule.​

When does this begin?

Registration ends Friday, March 25. You will receive instructions on how to schedule your first week's session which will take place the week of March 28th.

How will we meet?

You get to choose! I do request your first week and final week appointments to be by Phone or Zoom, but if it works best for you to utilize Email appointments for the other weeks, that will work just fine.

You said I will have at least one energy healing appointment per week, what do you mean by that?

When I work with someone's energy, it is always my intention for the shift to be as gentle, comfortable and beneficial as possible. That means sometimes I can't address everything that needs to be in one energy healing session and have to resume the session usually within a couple days.

Much of what is covered over the 10 weeks can go quite deep, which means it is very likely some weeks will require more than one session. If additional sessions are needed, they will be completed by Email with a full recap sent to your inbox.

What's an Email appointment?

Email appointments are a service I've been offering for a couple years now. I conduct your energy healing session at a specified time and then send you a full recap of what I found, shifted, and cleared. You are able to ask me any questions or share any revelations with me about your session anytime.

Does energy healing work if we are not in the same room?

Yes, it does! Energy is not bound by time, space, or geographic constraints like our physical bodies are. Distance healing works just as well, and in some cases maybe even better, as in-person.

This is an energy healing experience, what do you mean by energy healing?

Energy healing is the process of identifying and shifting detrimental energy to enhance the well-being of people, places, and things.

I have many tools in my energy healer repertoire including intuition, pendulum dowsing programs, Reiki, Access Consciousness, aromatherapy, EFT tapping, and meditation. All my energy healing sessions begin with pendulum dowsing, and I will be guided to other modalities as needed. 

I've never had energy healing before, what does it feel like?

Everybody's experience with energy healing can feel a little different. You might feel energized or you might be looking forward to bedtime already. You might feel joyful or you might find yourself more easily annoyed. Everyone is different and it is always best to honor your needs as best you can.

Most often, people feel more at ease, like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

What's most important is to pay attention to how you're feeling and what's happening around you within a few days after your session. You're likely to notice things like feeling motivated, feeling more comfortable in your body, or opportunities and resources (your desires) coming to you more freely.

If we worked on your home or office (Week 8), pay attention to how the space feels when you enter and how other people and/or animals are acting or behaving in that space.

I missed the registration deadline, will there be another chance to join?

Yes, of course! Send an email to to add your name to the waitlist. You'll be first notified when a spot opens up.

If you weren't able to join the Soul Empowerment Guided Experience this time around or you aren't sure if you're ready yet, you can check out my 14-Day Original Divine Blueprint Kickstart program. It's a self-guided experience featuring a healing video each day to "kickstart" your soul-mission alignment.

For other questions, please tap the Chat Box or email