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Serena James

Author of Vibe Higher, Holistic Healer and Founder at Just Be


Serena James is a certified holistic healer tasked with the exciting life mission of raising the vibration of Mother Earth. She provides energy healing services and workshops to help people overcome energetic barriers to experience more joy, wellness, and abundance in their lives. James is the founder of Just Be and makes her home in the beautiful state of Montana with her family.

After blogging about holistic healing to bring love and light to each and every reader, James was spiritually guided to write Vibe Higher to share healing energy all over the world.

Everything is energy, and when you are tuned into your energy and the energy around you, you have the power to take control and experience what you truly desire. Discover exactly how energy affects you. Explore practical methods for raising your vibration. Increase your self-awareness to better care for your mind, body, and spirit. Absorb the healing energy in each and every page as you follow your path to Vibe Higher.

Vibe Higher is available in paperback, hardcover, and eBook formats. You can order directly from the publisher Balboa Press, Amazon Prime, or Barnes and Noble. Copies are available in the Just Be online shop and from these retailers:

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You can read more of Serena James' work by visiting the Blog page. It includes inspirational, contemplative, and helpful content. 

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Looking to add love and light energy to your community or corporate events? Serena James is your answer. Email or call (701) 340-4069 to discuss your opportunity.

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