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Energy Healing

The Path for Taking Back Control of Your Life

Energy is everything and everything is energy. You, me, animals, nature, a thought, a table, a wall, whatever you can think of; it's all energy. Energy healing works by adjusting frequencies of anything to the optimal frequency or releasing non-beneficial energy (I like to call this energetic baggage). Anything can include emotional, physical, and spiritual health, generational and ancestral trauma, trauma from this lifetime, thoughts and beliefs, negative programming, brainwashing, curses and vows, entities, and more.

When we find ourselves experiencing things, situations, or feelings we don't like or don't want, it's possible that we may be able to shift the energy to help ourselves experience and feel more of the things we truly desire. Energy healing is not new, but it certainly has been pushed to the side despite its effectiveness. Many people appreciate the quick and powerful benefits from energy healing, and some have a mistrust of energy healing even when they haven't experienced it for themselves. I myself was incredibly disappointed it took me so long to even learn of its existence and availability. This knowledge would have saved me a lot of emotional pain! 

Energy healing is not typically covered by insurance which could possibly deter people from trying it. But there is benefit of this industry not being controlled by insurance companies: no mandates, quotas, or incentives controlling approaches or outcomes for client health. In other words, a healer gets to work with you to best meet your needs instead of boxing you in with generic solutions that may or may not be helpful to you.

Energy healing really doesn't have to be a complicated topic or conversation. Everything is energy and it needs to be cared for. I like these analogies for perspective: teeth need toothbrushes, cars need oil, energy needs healing. And of course, we always have choice to not care for our teeth, to not care for our cars, and to not care for our energy. But we also have choice to care for these things.

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Types of Healing at Just Be

Just Be offers a variety of energy healing modalities to meet your needs. When you book an energy healing appointment, I will be guided to which methods will be most beneficial to you. Below are the different techniques I use.

Pendulum Dowsing

This method of energy healing utilizes a pendulum to find answers to YES/NO questions, clear non-beneficial energy, infuse with beneficial energy, raise frequency (good vibes), and so much more. Pendulums can swing clockwise and counterclockwise, even back and forth and side to side. My pendulum typically swings clockwise or counterclockwise to shift energy in the most beneficial direction. My pendulum swings clockwise for YES and counterclockwise for NO.

I work in Trailblazing Communications and The Pure Truth dowsing programs as needed. These are comprehensive programs that help me to dig deep into your energetic needs to bring you more balance and wellness to your mind, body, and spirit. My clients greatly enjoy the accuracy of their sessions and feel more relaxed, grounded, and focused moving forward.

Your session with me will always begin with pendulum dowsing. Typically the majority of your session will include pendulum dowsing, but I will be guided to other energy healing modalities (continue reading below) if you need them. Pendulum dowsing is effective both in-person and at a distance. 


Reiki is a well-known Japanese technique for reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and supporting the healing process. Even the medical community is embracing Reiki as a beneficial addition to treatment plans for patients. It involves light to no touching with the hands to identify energetic blockages within the body. Reiki is then sent to those blockages to break up and release them so healthy energy can flow freely.

Reiki can be sent and received at a distance, which means you do not have to be physically present to experience the benefits of Reiki. Reiki energy can even be sent into the future, which is helpful if you have important events coming up. During your energy healing appointment with me, Reiki may or may not be performed, depending on your needs.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping)

EFT tapping is a widely popular method of shifting energy to overcome non-beneficial beliefs, fears, trauma, physical issues, etc. by tapping on specific parts of the body while reciting healing phrases. These phrases will vary depending on your needs. The need for EFT tapping during a session with me does come up on occasion. If that happens for you, I will guide you through the entire process. If EFT tapping should come up in your email healing session, I will send you a video recording with your session recap you can use to follow along.


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to support the well-being of the mind, body, and spirit. There are times during energy healing sessions that an essential oil will be identified as being helpful for the client. Sometimes just infusing the energetic frequency of that oil is enough (receiving the benefits of the oil without actually using the oil), and other times it is recommended to physically experience the oil. I will be able to decipher which and move forward accordingly. If the physical use of an essential oil comes up for you, remember, it is always your choice whether or not to follow up on that recommendation.


Meditation is the practice of entering a state of deep relaxation with heightened awareness. There are times the need for meditation comes up during energy healing sessions with me. I will either guide you through a meditation during your appointment or recommend the type of meditation you need and you can choose to do that practice on your own time if you desire.

Free Energy Assessment

At any time, I invite you to discover your energetic health status by taking my free energy assessment. There are 15 questions that will take only a few minutes or less for you to answer, and you'll receive your results immediately.

Still have questions? Drop them in the Chat Box.

Distance Healing

Energy is not bound by time or space. Healing energy can be sent and received without geographic limitations. This means you can receiving energy healing anywhere at anytime. When you book your healing appointment with me, you are giving me permission to tap into your energy when I do your session. Some people believe distance healing can even be more effective than in-person healing because it can eliminate any potential bias and removes barriers a client might have related to fear of judgement when opening up. I offer distance healing through phone, Zoom meetings, and email.

Phone and Zoom appointments are great options for people who have never met me in person before and for people who who want to experience that physical connection as much as possible while still being virtual.

Email appointments are great for people who have had energy healing with me before or have difficulty adding one more thing to their schedule. Time constraints should never be a deterrent for self-care, but unfortunately it often is. That's what makes email appointments such a great solution- you can go about your business while I do the work. 

Visit my Services page to see all distance healing options. When you book your appointment, you can leave a note to describe specifically what you would like support with.

Benefits of Energy Healing

The benefits of energy healing are infinite. Below are just 10 of the many benefits you can expect to experience through energy healing.

benefits of energy healing.png

Disclaimer: This information or any service or products provided is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any illness or disease. Any action you take as a result of the information provided is self-prescribed and your right to do so. 

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