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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have yet to experience energy work as a way to support your emotional, physical and spiritual health. Here are questions I am frequently asked, and answers that will help learn more about the power of energy healing.

What is Energy Healing (energy shifting, energy medicine, etc.)?

Energy healing is the process of releasing or clearing stuck, stagnant, non-beneficial, and low vibrating energy to improve outcomes for the recipient. Everything is energy and energy is everything. You're energy, I'm energy, water is energy. Even a wall is energy (albeit very slow moving, but energy nonetheless). Everything has an energy frequency, and it can be measured. When something is not functioning at its ideal frequency, we typically see issues arise, like discord at work or home, strained relationships (including with ourselves), unhealthy behaviors, poor health, and so on. Energy healing releases what no longer benefits us to help us move forward and experience more of what we desire. While removing non-beneficial energy helps improve frequency, it is not always the final step in energy healing. It is common to infuse desirable energy (think love, joy, prosperity, abundance) during an energy healing session to reach the ideal frequency.

What Energy Healing Modalities Do You Use?

There are many different modalities energy healers use to shift energy, even a chiropractor or massage therapist help shift energy in their own ways. At Just Be, we offer energy healing through pendulum dowsing, Reiki, Access Bars, and aromatherapy.

Pendulum dowsing helps us measure frequency, allows us to ask YES/NO questions, pinpoints exactly what needs to be addressed, and helps release and infuse appropriate energy to help the recipient experience more of what they desire. We utilize the popular pendulum dowsing programs Trailblazing Communications and The Pure Truth to meet our client's needs. These energy healing sessions typically include back and forth dialogue between practitioner and client. The client is provided a safe space to discuss as much or as little as they choose while the practitioner works. This technique is effective both in-person and at a distance.

Reiki is a well-known Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation and can also promote healing. Even the medical community is embracing Reiki as a beneficial addition to cancer treatment in patients. Clients receiving Reiki will typically rest on a massage table or fully reclining chair while clothed as the practitioner scans the body and releases energy blockages. Practitioners can often perform Reiki without touching the client, but light touching might be necessary at times. It is important to let your practitioner know if you are sensitive to touch. It is not uncommon for recipients to fall asleep during a Reiki session. Reiki can also be received at a distance, so this option works well for both in-person and distance appointments.

Access Bars is an offering from the Access Consciousness modality that allows you to "change anything you cannot change and create everything you desire in a different and easier way." Clients receiving Access Bars will typically rest on a massage table or fully reclining chair while clothed as the practitioner gently works with the 32 Bars points on their head. Sessions last between 50 and 75 minutes. It is not uncommon for a recipient to fall asleep during an Access Bars session. Access Bars can only be received in-person.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils. Many essential oils have very high frequencies which can help raise your frequency to an appropriate level. Aromatherapy is incorporated during energy healing sessions when it is beneficial or necessary for the client. Our energy healer determines if aromatherapy is necessary for the client and is only used if the client accepts, so some energy healing sessions may not include the use of aromatherapy.

What Does Energy Healing Feel Like?

The way energy healing feels varies person to person. During your session you might feel something, and you might not. Both are completely normal. Some people have momentarily felt like they were on a boat, experienced sensations in the abdominal region, or felt a bit of heaviness somewhere in their bodies that was released while the energy was being cleared. Occasionally, some people might cry as old, stuck energy is released. These feelings are temporary and go away within a few seconds. After your session is complete, you might feel sleepy or energized. You might feel joyful or irritable. You might feel thirsty and hungry. We are all different, so be sure to honor your needs.


​Pay attention to how you feel over the next few days after your energy healing. Sometimes we don't notice an issue has been resolved or improved, and we just go about our business. Then all the sudden we find ourselves doing something that used to have an undesirable effect on us that we notice no longer triggers us or causes emotional or physical discomfort. You might also notice more peace & ease in different parts of your life. It's very exciting!


Whenever I wrap up a healing session, I always ask when another session is needed. Sometimes it will be days or weeks, and other times it is left open-ended, meaning you don't need another session until you feel like you need one. In this instance, my clients are very good about knowing when it is time for another session because they are aware of the benefits they received during their healing and can tell when it's time for an energetic tune-up.


What Would I Work on with an Energy Healer?

If there is any part of your physical, emotional, or spiritual being and experiences you'd like to see improved, you could benefit from energy healing. Although energy healing is not new, most people still have yet to experience it for themselves leaving them unsure of what they would even ask an energy healer to do for them. Energy healers can actually pinpoint what needs to be addressed even if you are unsure. Many of our energetic needs go much deeper than the issues we are experiencing on a physical or emotional level. For your convenience, I've compiled a list of some questions you can ask an energy healer. The list is by no means comprehensive, but is helpful to give you ideas. The possibilities of what we can work on are endless.

What Can I Expect if I Make an Appointment with Just Be?

Please check out this article that covers what to expect before, during, and after your appointment with Just Be.

How Does Distance Energy Work?

Energy does not know time or space like we do and can be just as effective in-person as it is at a distance. Most energy healing services offered by Just Be give us the ability to communicate and give/receive energy healing from anywhere geographically. Just Be offers both in-person and distance appointment options. Distance clients can choose phone, FaceTime, or email options. When you book a phone or FaceTime appointment, you will contact me at your chosen appointment time and the session will be conducted very similarly to an in-person appointment. When you book an email appointment, we will perform the energy healing and send you a recap of your session within 48 hours of booking. No one should miss out on the benefits of energy healing because of time or location constraints. Visit my Book Online page to view and select appointment options.

Is Energy Healing Against My Religion?

Only you can answer this. The work we do is spiritually connected as archangels, spirit guides, and other helpers come forward to assist with most sessions. You can explore more by checking out my blog on this subject.

Is Energy Healing Covered by Insurance?

Energy healing is not typically covered by insurance which could possibly deter people from trying it. But there is benefit of this industry not being controlled by insurance companies: no mandates, quotas, or incentives controlling approaches or outcomes for client health. In other words, a healer gets to work with you to best meet your needs instead of boxing you in with generic solutions that may or may not be helpful to you. If payment is of concern to you, please be sure to reach out to me at

Do you have another question? Please contact us at or call me at (701) 340-4069.

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