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About the Founder

After years of following modern medical diagnoses, protocols, and treatments that did not help and seemed to exacerbate the issues, I was introduced to essential oils and a certified BodyTalk practitioner who would totally change the way I approached health and wellness for my family and me. When we became much healthier, I prayed for a way to help other families. The opportunity for me to learn about energy shifting presented itself to allow me to do just that.

I am an energy worker passionate about helping people experiencing discord and imbalance in their lives. I fully believe that all people are meant to be healthy and happy, but so many experience physical or emotional pain on a regular basis. It made sense to me that everything is composed of energy, even our thoughts, but I didn’t realize the importance of this before learning about energy work.  


My eyes were finally opened to recognize how valuable this information was. When something is not right, whether it be in our bodies, our homes, our places of work, wherever, that’s energy. And together we can do something about it."

Serena James is an author and energy healer certified in Trailblazing Communications, The Pure Truth, and is a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner . As the founder of Just Be, she is excited to join you on your journey to experience joy, wellness, and abundance.You can book your appointment online or call (406) 601-1496 for your free consultation.