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Energy healing anytime, anywhere.

Raise your vibration quickly and easily whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Healing on Demand

serena james - vibe higher

Whether you're dealing with a chaotic day, a stressful situation, or just need an extra boost of positive energy, you want the power of energy healing the moment you need it.

Healing on Demand is here for you.

Improve the Energy in Minutes

Looking for quick and easy access to energy healing whenever you need it? Look no further than Healing on Demand, my monthly subscription service that puts the power of healing at your fingertips.


With Healing on Demand, you'll gain instant access to a library of several energy healing videos that can help you meet your energetic needs quickly and effectively.

For $8/month, you can have energy healing whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Each video is 2 minutes or less to help you get those good vibes flowing as quickly as possible.

Sign up for Healing on Demand today now and start experiencing the transformative power of energy healing on your terms.

I LOVE Healing on Demand!

Your voice is so calming and relaxing. I feel good listening to your videos.

Meet Your Energy Healer

author serena james headshot.png

Hi, I’m Serena, owner and energy healer at Just Be Energy Healing. Everything is energy and energy is everything. That means what you're feeling and experiencing is energy. So when you need more of something good and less of something detrimental, I work with your energy to deliver outcomes you desire.

I love that Healing on Demand helps solve urgency of your energetic needs and makes energy healing so much more accessible to you and accommodating to your schedule.

I also love the dynamism of Healing on Demand as I add new healing videos based on energy trends I see and feel in my work. Healing on Demand may never be truly a finished product, but that's the beauty of it. The content will always be current to meet your needs.

With love and light,


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