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Own Your Energy in the New Year for More Ease and More Awesome

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

While the new year can be refreshing and feel like a magical reset button, it is through conscious action where we see desirable change. The best way to take conscious action is through owning your energy.

Owning your energy means working with your true nature instead of working against it. So often we try to force ourselves into unnatural states of being to fit a certain mold to meet our expectations of ourselves or the expectations others have of us. When we work against our true nature, we get exhausted, endure unnecessary obstacles, and feel dissatisfied more often than we feel satisfied.

The first step to owning your energy is understanding your energy. I’ve identified 6 different ways to help you understand and own your energy in the new year for more ease and awesome in your life. You do not need to do all 6 things at once, and some ways you might have already mastered. None of this is meant to overwhelm you, but to support your growth and self-awareness. As you read through the following, see which ideas really stand out to you and start there.

Check your beliefs.

Checking your beliefs is really good for you if you find it difficult to turn your desires into reality.

Think about what you truly desire…a promotion at work, financial freedom, a loving partner, ride or die friends, etc. Then think about where you are lacking or would like more of within that desire. Finally, get real about your beliefs around that desire.

Do you believe everyone else gets promoted except you? Do you believe it’s impossible to get promoted unless someone else retires or leaves? Do you believe you are worthy of getting promoted? Do you believe you are capable enough to be promoted? Do you believe getting promoted will compromise your quality of life?

We can do this for love, finances, big dreams…anything. Do you believe you are worthy of love? Do you believe it is impossible to find someone you will love? Do you believe you are capable of being in a loving relationship? Do you believe having a loving partner will compromise your independence?

Ok, I think you get the picture. The point is to get very honest with yourself, ask yourself some probing questions, and find out if something you believe could be the very reason why you feel dissatisfied or find it difficult to turn your desires into reality. These beliefs are commonly referred to as limiting beliefs. They are difficult to transform into something more beneficial through just thought alone, however, recognizing you could be affected by limiting beliefs is a powerful first step to shifting to helpful beliefs. Learn more about limiting beliefs

Embrace your gifts.

This one is good for you if aren’t sure what your gifts are or are uncertain how to use them.

When I say gifts, I’m not speaking exclusively about spiritual gifts. I’m talking about all kinds of gifts. Your gift to gab, your gift to listen, your gift to plan, your gift to… heal, build, create, sing, bake, you name it! However cliché it may sound, there truly is only one of you. What are your gifts? If you are unsure of the answer, think about what sets you apart from others. What are you really good at? What would other people say you’re really good at?

Those questions might be somewhat difficult to answer at first, but understand that what comes easily for you doesn’t necessarily come easily for others. A lot of times when people discover their gifts, they come to the realization that they just thought everybody could do what they were doing. They had no idea it was something unique and special to them. Conversely, some people realize they have gifts but don’t know anyone else with those gifts and are unsure how to use them.

Approaching challenges, wellness, relationships, finances, your career…anything, that incorporates your unique gifts versus following cookie-cutter methods that have been successful for others will bring more ease and awesome to your life. How can you use your gifts, talents, and wisdom to your advantage? How can they show up in your everyday life?

Another way to embrace your gifts is to look at the other end of the spectrum and acknowledge what isn’t in your wheelhouse of greatness. If something is constantly a challenge for you, can you change your approach or leave it behind altogether? For example, what if, no matter how hard you try, you just aren’t very good at organizing. So instead of wasting so much time, energy, and worry about trying to get organized, could you find someone who is really good at it to help you?

If you’re still uncertain what your gifts are, you can meditate or pray to help you understand. Ask for your gifts to be revealed. Ask how you can use them. Ask what you’re supposed to be doing.

Express your authentic self.

Do you often act or behave to please others or meet others’ expectations versus living and expressing your truth? If so, this one is for you.

Authenticity. A word we hear so often but might not always put into practice. How often do you do things or act a certain way because you think it’s what is expected of you? Think about the typical milestones in life that society mostly agrees is the correct path: be born, go to school, graduate, go to more school, get a job, get married, have children, retire, die. Except sometimes people don’t finish school or don’t go to college. Except sometimes people have children before marriage. Except some people don’t marry or have children. Except some people don’t join the workforce. Not everything is one-size-fits-all and trying to fit into any kind of mold isn’t embracing your authenticity.

Being authentic isn’t intentionally going against the grain to be outrageous or to make other people uncomfortable. Being authentic isn’t intentionally adjusting your behaviors and actions to simply please others. Being authentic is expressing your and living true to your nature.

The main reason people don’t act authentic is because they are worried what other people will think of them. I’m not going to tell you to not worry about what other people think of you because I don’t necessarily agree with that. For most of us, judgement of ourselves and others is a natural occurrence, and it doesn’t always mean negative judgement, either. Plus, acting and behaving without regard of other people can potentially violate boundaries. Having a healthy balance between embracing your authentic self and respecting others is important.

There’s a difference between stepping outside your comfort zone to experience growth and acting in contrast to your authentic self. While both feel uncomfortable, the former is doing something you’ve never done before to experience a new outcome, and the latter is a commitment to behaving how you think people expect you to behave so that they either like you or don’t. Embracing and expressing your authenticity attracts the people, opportunities, experiences, and resources that will truly nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you step into your authenticity. When do you feel truest to yourself? When do you feel like an impersonator? Who are you? What do you value? Do your actions align with your values? How would others describe you? How would you describe yourself? Do those match up? What does expressing your authenticity look like?

Know your capacity.

Do you often feel overwhelmed, fatigued, or burnt out? If so, this one is for you.

This is so important and something that probably no one has talked to you about. With 40 hours in a typical work week, it seems plausible I would be able to see between 30 and 40 clients per week, right? Not even close. You see, I can’t work with that many people one-on-one in a week because I don’t have the capacity to do it. Sure, there is enough time, but my mind, body, and spirit cannot see more than 16 clients during the week if I still want to feel energized and productive for other things I need and desire.

Knowing and honoring your capacity is essential for you to experience more ease and more awesome.

There truly is only so much time in a day, in a week, and in a month. What can you physically, emotionally, and spiritually handle in any given time and still be happy and healthy? Discovering your capacity is key to not feeling overwhelmed and for avoiding burnout.

Yes, there are times when it is necessary to overexert yourself. There are times when you may have bitten off more than you can chew. And there are times when important events seem to all take place on top of each other. What I am talking about here is the big picture, your normal, your usual.

What is your capacity for doing things that are important to you? How many times can you stand in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up for 30+ minutes a week? How much sleep do you actually need? How many nights can you drink a glass or two of wine? How often can you do date/friends night? How many meetings or networking events can you attend? Where’s the point when TV or screen time becomes non-beneficial? Make a conscious effort to find your capacity “sweet spot” for doing what’s important to you.

If you’re finding yourself wanting or needing to do more than you have capacity for, that’s when it’s time to ask for help or hire someone to help you. Needing to ask someone else for help doesn’t mean you’re incapable. Needing to hire someone doesn’t mean you’re a spoiled fancy pants. You’re honoring your capacity and that is something your mind, body, and spirit will thank you for.

Listen to your body.

This one is for you if you experience pain, discomfort, or digestive issues.

Your body is this amazing machine that works on your behalf without you even having to think about it. Awesome, right?! But when it needs you to think about it, it sends you signs. These signs can look like fatigue, pain, discomfort, and even disease. I know when I’m running hard in my life and lacking on sleep or rest, I can get away with it for about two or three days. But if I try to maintain that pace for four or five days? I’m more than likely catching a cold. And if it’s not that, I’m forced into taking a day or two to do absolutely nothing and then beat myself up for being unproductive.

Our bodies are nourished through rest, hydration, food, and meditation. It is up to us to provide that nourishment. Tune into your body. Is it trying to communicate with you? What is it telling you? Read Your Ailment Means More than You Think

Needing to rest doesn’t mean you’re lazy. Needing to avoid and consume certain foods doesn’t mean you’re high maintenance. Needing ten minutes of quiet, undisturbed time alone doesn’t mean you’re selfish. You’re paying attention to the messages your body are sending you and taking action (or inaction)!

Live your purpose.

This one is good for you if you haven’t discovered your purpose or you aren’t sure how to live your purpose.

What are you here to do? Big question, right? Some people understand their purpose and live it, some understand their purpose and try to resist it. Some are trying to figure it out, and some never find out. Where do you fit?

If you understand your purpose and are living it, thank you for sharing your gifts with yourself and others!

If you understand your purpose and are resisting it, dig deep to find out why. Is it fear? Is it uncertainty? Is it because you’d rather do something else? What would it take for you to shine your light?

If you are trying to figure out your purpose, would you mind if I shared a quick story? I discovered my purpose after years of struggle and heartbreak. Had I not gone through that, I might have never discovered energy healing and realized this was a gift for me to share with others. Not that all gifts and purposes can only be discovered through serious struggle, but it is certainly a place to begin. So ask yourself, what is one of the biggest challenges you’ve overcome? How did you overcome it? What was most helpful for you? Do you feel any sort of nudge to share what you’ve learned in order to help others?

Another place to look is this exercise. If money was no object, what would you do? What would you want to accomplish? What really lights your fire? Could your purpose be to travel the world and eat delicious food? Could it be to develop a new, positive life-changing app? Could it be to get involved in local government? Remember, you can shine your light or make a living by doing what you love and sharing your experiences.

Why do some people never find out their purpose? Their beliefs might not recognize individual purposes. They might not feel connected to the collective consciousness or believe they are an essential cog on the universal wheel. Some people might be too concerned with what they are supposed to be doing according to societal standards versus pursuing what they feel called to do. I remember when I left my career to dedicate all my time to energy healing. People told me I was so brave. I didn’t feel brave, I felt empowered and supported to be answering my calling! It made me wonder what these people were holding back from doing that they felt called to. What are you holding back from doing that you feel called to?

Not every road to discovering or living your purpose is always super easy, but when you do get on the right path, you’ll start to see some or all of these things happening:

  • Signs. Anything from angel numbers to a TV commercial to certain topics coming up several times, these are signs to validate you.

  • Resources and support you need will become available. Mentors, money, tools, spirit guides…what you need to move forward comes to you.

  • Opportunities present themselves. You start receiving new invitations to participate in new things.

When you discover your purpose, how will you own it? How will you live it?

Ready to Own Your Energy?

Can you see how embracing and owning your energy will create more ease and awesome for you this year? I know some of these things might initially require some deep reflection and self-work, but take it one step at a time and watch ease and awesome unfold right in front of you.

Many blessings for joy, wellness, and prosperity this year.

Be love. Be light. Just Be.

Discuss: Which way are you most drawn to for helping you own your energy? Share in the comments below.

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Be love. Be light. Just Be.

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About the Author: Hi, I'm Serena James! I'm an energy healer passionate about helping people experience a life full of joy, wellness and prosperity. I'm the owner of Just Be and author of the book Vibe Higher. Be sure to check out my Resources page to support you on your journey of healing and growth.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Any action you take as a result of this information is self-prescribed and your right to do so.


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