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Being a Light Worker: What a Load of Crap

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

A mutual friend connected me with Sarah Jacobs. I was instantly drawn to her charismatic personality and her sense of humor while being incredibly gifted and intuitive. I asked Sarah to write a guest blog for my website because I knew she would have something awesome to share with my readers, and as expected, she delivered a masterpiece. Ladies and gentleman, I give you thoughts and wisdom from Sarah Jacobs.


Energy healing and "light working" is not a new concept; however, it's now attributed to the New Age. To an outsider, it may be deemed as airy-fairy and woo-woo. Even some insiders that consider themselves Light Workers enter into this culture with a dreamy view of angel wings, third eye openings, and the promise of a society that is built on respect and unity.

And then we realized we stepped into a pile of shit.

Now, before you stop reading and call me the anti-Light Worker, bear with me, and allow me to explain. Those of us that begin our path of spirituality are called to it because we have inner guidance telling us to do so, and or we see our outside world as chaotic, and we want to help change things for the better. By now, we all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions. (OK, maybe hell is a bad metaphor for your spiritual journey. The road trip to Disneyland is a long car ride in July, with no air conditioning, your dad is driving 55 mph, and your sibling is touching you because they can't seem to stay on their side of the imaginary line your mom said was between you. )

As a highly sensitive person or Empath, you feel the emotions and energy of both the people around you, as well as the collective human race. Yeah, it sucks. Most people that are not "awake" do not realize this is happening to them. Everyone has this ability; some people are more sensitive than others. We all emit a frequency. That frequency changes with our moods and emotions. Now, imagine what happens when something dramatic happens to a large group of people. If it creates sadness or anger, we feel it on a deep, emotional and vibrational level. A Light Worker, or an Empath, is someone that has the ability to process this energy, for everyone.

A Light Worker is employed in the field of Energetic Waste Management. Yes, you clean up everyone's emotional garbage and vibrational shit. Not that you have to. PRO-TIP: You have the choice to say, "That's their shit, not my shit." How do you know if you do this? You feel sad or angry or just "off," and you don't know why.

Being a Light Worker is both an individual journey as well as a collective one. First and foremost, honor your journey. Do the inner work to find yourself before you don the cape and start telling everyone how you think they should live and act. Which brings us to our second lesson, honor the journey of others. Don't go seeking energetic sewers and toxic vibrational dumps to save. If these are the kind of people you date, or these are your friends and family members, it's time to start owning your worth, and stop processing their shit. You know who I'm talking about.

"How do I do this? I can't just dump my family!" If you want to stop the energy vampires from sucking your life force, you need to exercise your sovereignty. You do this with energetic boundaries, the cloud filter, and cord cutting. "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

Energetic Boundaries: "RESPECT THE BUBBLE, PEOPLE!"

This may take some practice, but all you need is a strong will of intention and not a soft heart. Ground yourself (call in your energy to your heart space and feel connected to your body and the connection between your body and the energy of the earth). Imagine the energy field around your body, which is your aura or also called the bio-field, as your protected space. This is your bubble. KNOW and have the conviction that other people's heavy energy is not allowed into this space. Energy vampires are not allowed to take energy from your field. You must not give them your energy, either. There are exceptions to this of course, as there is always a time and place for exchanging energy when it is done with love and respect.

The Cloud Filter: "It's all stored in the cloud."

This is a technique that came to me out of necessity. A person sitting next to me was energetically plugged into me because she needed my light and my healing energy. It was distracting and frankly, felt weird. I spontaneously (intuitively?) imagined a pink fluffy cloud over her head, and set the intention that all of the pure, loving energy that she needed was in that cloud, for her to draw strength from. I immediately felt her unplug from me and pull energy from her new cloud. So instead of you giving your love, light, Reiki, #prayers, and energy to someone, you can set up a healing bank of sorts, for their higher selves. It doesn't have to be a cloud; it can be anything that feels right for you or them. They don't have to utilize the cloud or make a withdrawal from the healing ATM. They just need to know it is there for them, and that they are not allowed to pull energy and strength from you.

Cord Cutting: "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here."

If you do only one thing, THIS is it. Do it throughout the day as well as when you go to bed. You also need to instruct everyone else's energy to leave your field and call back your energy. We exchange energy all day long. This isn't a bad thing, it is perfectly natural when it is done with love and respect. You can either state or imagine or physically with your hands, cut and remove any energetic cords that are attached to you and any that you have attached to other people. Arch Angel Michael is often tasked with this job. He has a sword of light that can cut the cords, for you. State that you are releasing any energies that do not belong to you and they are returning to their owners. Call back your energy that has been scattered throughout your day. This daily ritual will help keep you from feeling drained and will keep your vibration stable.

You don't have to serve humanity as a Light Worker. You don't have to fix or save anyone. You can embody this journey for your own healing and enlightenment. By just healing yourself and loving yourself more, a ripple effect occurs, and the people in your life will benefit from it. Being a Light Worker is more than angel oracle cards telling you affirming messages, waiting for an ascension event to reset humanity, and hanging out with your high vibes only tribe. But it isn't martyrdom, laborious, or even a saintly job. It's a dirty job, and someone's gotta do it.

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Bio: Sarah "The Salty Spiritualist" Jacobs is an energy healer, teacher, and mentor to energy healers, teachers, and mentors. She is a creatrix of tools for the modern Light Worker as well as spiritual seekers who just want to enlighten the f*ck up. Visit her Facebook page at Reiki and Reflexology with Sarah. Pick up copies of Sarah Jacobs' books on Blurb.


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Interesting piece. Just stumbled upon it whilst browsing. Are you/your readers aware that there are so called ‘lightworkers’ who literally act as waste management systems for humanity’s energetic crap? They (we) have elaborate, multi-faceted, non physical clearing devices/systems in our auras. These devices have very finely tuned sensors which react to negative/shitty energy in any human (or place) within the vicinity of the person with the device. They have a multitude of different settings and can function on auto pilot, or be operated manually by a spirit being (they refer to themselves as ‘energy workers’). In my case, these beings (part of a large group) come under the jurisdiction of Kuthumi. My feeling is there are thousands of people with…

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