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Clear Your Space for Improved Health and Wealth

Updated: Mar 6

Everything is energy. Not just people or animals, but spaces as well. The energy of any space has the potential to affect your personal energy, but the spaces you occupy most will have the greatest effects of all.

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A space clearing is energy healing for any location. Locations having the most impact on you include your home, your place of work, and your geographical location. While space clearings are not specifically reserved for times of turmoil, the reality is so many of us don't take action until we find ourselves in difficult situations. Space clearings are often performed to remove detrimental energies that can cause a multitude of issues with

  • emotional and physical health,

  • abundance,

  • relationships,

  • finances,

  • previous occupant energy,

  • business/career,

  • behavior,

  • academics and more.

The energy of the spaces you occupy can impact your health and wealth just as much as your own personal energy does. Whether or not you've consciously put effort into improving your personal energy, it's important to understand the necessity of caring for your spaces as well. Regularly caring for the energy of your spaces can help improve prosperity in all aspects of your life.

During a space clearing, negative and non-beneficial energies are released, and loving and protective energy is infused to bring stability and peace back to your space. Anytime is a good time to address the energetic needs of your space, but the following sections will highlight specific times you absolutely should do space clearings.

When to Clear Your Home

Home is where the heart is, along with lots of energy that is either helping you or hindering you. You should have a space clearing for your home if:

  • Someone has lived in your home before you.

  • You are getting ready or are in the process of trying to sell your home.

  • You feel more energized outside of your home than in your home.

  • You can physically see a light haze in certain spots or all over your home.

  • You can sense a presence of negative energy in your home.

In addition, space clearings for homes can be extremely beneficial before or after hosting company, especially for the holidays. You should do a clearing beforehand if holidays for you are often filled with tension. The space clearing will help create a more peaceful atmosphere. You can do a space clearing after to just clear out the energy brought in by all of your guests. You might elect to do both.

When to Clear Your Business

Just like your home, your places of work also affects you as you spend a great amount of your time in these spaces. If you own your own business, it is extremely important you care for the energy of your business. If you are an employee and feel the following applies to your business, you can share with your employer if you feel compelled or read this article about non-beneficial frequencies to help you protect your energy.

If you are the owner or a manager allowed to make administrative decisions, you should have a space clearing for your business if:

  • Other businesses have previously occupied your space.

  • You have a lot of turnover.

  • Employee morale is low.

  • You have difficulty attracting and/or maintaining customers.

  • You have difficulty generating revenue.

  • There seems to be excessive drama or tension amongst employees and/or customers.

Space clearings are also highly beneficial for businesses with a lot of foot traffic. People are energetic beings and their energy can remain in a space long after they have physically left that space. Businesses that provide services to assist individuals with difficult situations, such as clinics, attorneys, lenders, counselors, and holistic providers, should have space clearings regularly to maintain a healthy vibration.

How to Clear Your Space

There are several ways to clear the energy of your space. You might want to experiment with a variety of ways to see which methods you prefer and have the best results.

1) Hire an energy healer who specializes in space clearings. Energy healers have a variety of tools, methods, and abilities to pinpoint and address the specific needs of your space. It is ideal to hire someone for your space clearings if you have never done it before and especially if you feel their could be negative entities present. You could couple regular space clearing sessions performed by an energy healer with the following suggestions for maintenance. Always consult an energy healer experienced with space clearing if you feel you need assistance or if your efforts are not achieving your desired results.

2) Smudge the space. Smudging is the act of lighting a bundle of herbs and wafting the smoke, focusing particularly on doorways and corners of a room, to cleanse the energy of the space. Sage and sweet grass are among the most popular herbs used for smudging. You can typically find these at holistic wellness shops, apothecaries, metaphysical bookstores, and even on this website. (View smudge kits from Just Be.) When you smudge, you focus on each room in the space you are clearing. Many people who smudge do so on a regular basis, such as monthly. Smudging is an appropriate choice for regular maintenance of caring for the energy of your space.

3) Use essential oils. The frequency of essential oils have the capacity to dispel negative energy. It is most appropriate to diffuse essential oils for the purpose of a space clearing and you will have to go room by room. Diffusing for 15 minutes should help achieve desired results. My top three picks for space clearing essential oils include Palo Santo and the Gathering and White Angelica blends from Young Living.

4) Ring a bell. The frequency of sound is a powerful healing tool. If you have a bell, you can ring in the corners of every room. Listen carefully to the sound of the bell. When the tone sounds crystal clear, you know the non-beneficial energy has been released. Ringing a bell is most effective to clear stuck and stagnant energy to improve energy flow in your space.

The energy of your spaces is a major contributing factor to your health and wealth. Once you have a space clearing in your home or business, you will know how that prosperous energy feels and will be able to tell when the energy starts to get murky again and is time for another clearing.


Does your home or business need a space clearing?


About the Author: Serena James is a holistic healer and the author of Vibe Higher. She offers a variety of energy healing services and workshops to help individuals experience a life of love, abundance, and wellness as they were meant to.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Any action you take as a result of this information is self-prescribed and your right to do so.

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Serena James
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