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The Universe is Calling: It's for You

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

There's less than a week left before school begins, and my son hasn't quite finished his summer reading assignment. I had encouraged him to finish many times over the last several days, but he wasn't quite in the mood. While playing his Xbox, the notification came up that his membership had expired. I told him it sounded like a good time to work on his reading and that sometimes the Universe helps us out even when we're not ready to help ourselves. He smiled and agreed and went to work on his assignment.

While I was lovingly teasing him, after the words came out of my mouth I couldn't stop thinking about what I had said.

Sometimes the Universe helps us out even when we're not ready to help ourselves.

A Deeper Meaning of Struggle

Have you ever looked at the challenges in your life as an opportunity to make a change or take action? Could this challenge be a nudge from the Universe to help motivate and encourage you?

Thanks to social media, we all see people all around us who seem to be in a perpetual struggle. Sometimes it's difficult for us to sit back and see things constantly go wrong for the people we care about. We try to help, but our efforts are often useless. That's because it is a personal decision, even at the deepest level in which we may not be aware, to continue to struggle instead of changing our situation.

Sometimes our challenges, like hitting every red light, losing Wi-Fi, the cable going out, losing a job, misplacing your keys, or arguing with a friend, could be the Universe signaling you it's time to do something different. The key is our awareness.

Is Your Gut Telling You Something?

Many of my colleagues are incredibly intuitive. As it turns out, I am as well, but for the longest time I thought intuition would appear as a big and bright neon sign in my head telling me what was what. What I have learned is my intuition comes as a whisper. The thoughts and ideas pop into my head so nonchalantly, like it was always there, that I would doubt myself. As I continue my work, I am growing more confident in this ability.

I share this because all of us are intuitive beings, but it might have been turned off or maybe no one has told you yet. When something happens to you not according to plan, instead of reacting, what do you think the bigger message is? What are you supposed to learn from this? What does your gut say? You do have the ability to tune in.

Turning Struggle into Success

So many famous and/or successful people have multiple stories of failure before they found success. These people learned from their mistakes, followed the signs, and continued onward to actualize their goals and dreams. If we are closed off to the signs and refuse to take action, we stay stuck in the struggle. But if we open our hearts and minds and have the awareness the Universe does have our back, we can move towards the things we desire most.

Blessings in disguise are all around us, but it is up to us to take action and make the necessary changes.

When the Universe calls you, will you answer?

Be love. Be light. Just Be.


Are there times you felt like the Universe helped steer you in a better direction? Share your experiences in my private Facebook group SpiritualiTEA


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About the Author:Serena James is a holistic healer and the author of Vibe Higher. She offers a variety of energy healing services and workshops to help individuals experience a life of joy, wellness, and prosperity.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Any action you take as a result of this information is self-prescribed and your right to do so.

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