"Sometimes a person can’t fix themself because they don’t know exactly what the whole picture is. JB helped me remove those negative energies that started ruling my life. My problems weren’t just mental. The problems also included items in my house and surroundings. As individuals we all have different needs to happiness and health. JB helped me find the positive! ❤️ Also JB also works with essential oils and we use those daily from body to household needs. Thank you JB for always bringing me back to the positive when I need to get back on track!"


"Wow. Amazing! Thank you so much for this. So so so appreciate it. I am feeling better although tired. So much of this resonated with me. I am so very grateful for your help, not only for me but also for everything you are doing to raise the vibration of the whole planet. You are a light and I thank you for shining bright in this very tumultuous time."


"Thank you very much. I am much better now. Things seem to be shifting the right way.

The overwhelming angst I have been experiencing over the last couple days seems to have abated completely. I am ready to tackle today and the days ahead. Thanks for the great work you do."


"This program created huge energetic shifts for a very small time investment on my part. It was worth every penny! I look forward to going through the videos again. Serena's videos are sweet, effective, and respectful of my time. Thank you for creating this program!"

Online Course Participant

"This is such a truly uplifting page to follow. I definitely recommend it!"

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"So many amazing tips and resources for living a calmer, more balanced and in-tune life!"

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