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About Just Be

After years of following modern medical diagnoses, protocols, and treatments that did not help and seemed to exacerbate the issues, Serena was introduced to an energy healer who would totally change the way she approached health and wellness for her family and herself.


She immediately felt drawn to do this work, as if her true calling in life had been realized. Recognizing the monumental necessity of caring for energy, she learned a variety of energy healing techniques and started her holistic healing business, Just Be.


Serena had discovered that when something is not right physically, emotionally, or spiritually, that’s energy, and something can be done about it. She believes that all people are meant to be healthy and happy, but so many experience physical or emotional pain on a regular basis instead, and Serena is helping others to change that through her services, workshops, and her written words.


Serena is an energy healer and author passionate about helping people experiencing discord and imbalance in their lives to overcome these challenges to experience joy, wellness, and prosperity as they were meant to.

Hi, I'm Serena and I welcome you to my website. I am an author and energy healer certified in Trailblazing Communications, The Pure Truth, and am a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. As the founder of Just Be, I am excited to join you on your journey of self-discovery and healing.

Where Did "Just Be" Come From?

After struggling to find the perfect name for my business, I looked to my spirit guides to help me. One morning I awoke and "just be" replayed over and over again. I realized this was what my business was to be called. The phrase just be can take on so many meanings and with the addition of a single word, can be so therapeutic, inspiring, and healing. Just be kind, just be still, just be awesome, just be...YOU. Just Be exists to help your mind, body, and spirit to "just be" in alignment with joy, wellness, and prosperity so you can experience this lifetime as you truly desire.

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