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4 Signs Your Home Needs an Energy Clearing

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Just like everything else in this universe, our homes have their own energy level. As people, we are constantly bringing energy in and out of the home each time we go to school, work, or out in the community. Sometimes this energy is beneficial and sometimes not. And just like us, homes need their energy cleared, too. The energy of our homes can impact all aspects of our lives from relationships to finances to our health. A home energy clearing will make way for this impact to be positive to help us have more desirable experiences and circumstances. Here are 4 signs you need a Home clearing right now.

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  1. You feel more energized outside your home than inside your home. Have you ever felt like your home is just an energy drain? Like you are always tired or unproductive at home, but when you are out and about, you feel just fine? If you answered yes, it is absolutely time for a Home clearing. It is likely the energy in your home is vibrating at a frequency below your frequency. A Home clearing will move that stagnant energy and replace it with beneficial energy, increasing the frequency to a comfortable level.

  2. You just moved into a new home. Unless the previous occupants were energy healers themselves and cleared the space before you moved in, the energy of the owners/renters more than likely still exists in your home. This energy may not be beneficial to you or your family. Maybe they constantly fought, lost a job, got a divorce, fell ill - that's not the kind of energy you would desire to take on. A Home clearing will help neutralize any unwanted or non-beneficial energies to improve your living environment. It could also provide insight into which areas of the home need work, ranging from repairs to paint color to furniture arrangements. If you've lived in your home for quite some time where there were previous occupants and you never have cleared that energy, you should get a Home clearing.

  3. You are selling your home. Whether your home is about to go on the market or has been on the market for several months, a Home clearing should be on your checklist. A session may help clear out your energy and any non-beneficial energies that would prevent your home from selling. If you are still attached to your home, it will be difficult for a potential buyer to establish their own connection with it. A clearing might also help identify issues you may need to take care of before someone will buy it, such as removing or rearranging items or making repairs in the home. A Home clearing will help adjust the frequency of your home to that of your ideal buyer. It can also help you sell your home for top dollar in a timely manner. Many homeowners have successfully sold their home by incorporating energy healing into their selling strategy.

  4. Strange things are happening in your home. Maybe things disappear easily in your home, maybe you are constantly replacing the same light bulb, maybe electronics don’t seem to work properly, or maybe the people living in your home can’t seem to get along. Maybe you have actually seen or felt a presence in your home that don’t seem of this world. These things may be happening because the frequency of your home has dropped to a level below your ideal energy frequency. It could also be an indicator that energetic entities are present. Energetic entities could be negative or neutral. They could also be spirits needing assistance crossing over. A Home clearing will be able to determine the type of energies and respond accordingly so you can live in your home with more ease.

If any of these apply to you, I strongly recommend scheduling your home energy clearing session now with Just Be. Home clearings can be conducted both in-person and at a distance. Schedule your session today by booking online or calling (701) 340-4069.

Be love. Be light. Just Be.

About the Author: Serena James is a holistic healer and the author of Vibe Higher. She offers a variety of energy healing services and workshops to help individuals experience a life of love, abundance, and wellness as they were meant to.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Any action you take as a result of this information is self-prescribed and your right to do so.

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