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Is It Excess Weight or Is It Energy?

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

A lot of people look to diet and exercise to manage weight issues. While these things are important for many, they might not actually be the root cause of (or only solution to) excess weight. It could be an energetic issue.

The whole point of energy healing is to release stuck, stagnant, blocked, and non-beneficial energy to improve a healthy flow of energy for more pleasant and desirable experiences for our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Stuck energy and non-beneficial energy can cause a variety of issues for us. In my book Vibe Higher, I discuss what this can look like:

  • You feel disconnected.

  • Your mind is foggy.

  • You have little desire to do anything.

  • You have an addiction (behaviors, substances, thoughts).

  • You feel tired and stressed.

  • You have frequent conflict at home, work, and/or school.

  • You're in pain or feel unhealthy physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

Do you know what else? Weight issues can also signal an energetic need.

We think energy is this invisible life force, but what we see, feel, and experience is an expression of that energy. Energy can be stored as excess weight on our bodies. There are a few reasons for this:

Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

Energetic Baggage

During my first energy healing certification course, we were told to take a Before and After photo. Here’s mine:

before and after

Notice in the first picture I look tired and puffy? Now in the picture on the right, I look energized and bright, and even like a weight had been lifted from me. Full disclosure: during my 3-day certification we gave and received a lot of energy healing. I’m talking 3 full days of intense release of non-beneficial energy. After Day 3 I stepped on the scale and saw I had released 2 pounds of excess weight. I did not change my diet, and I did not change my activity. In fact, I had essentially sat for hours and even my 2-hour round trip commute each day meant more sitting around. I was much more inactive during those 3 days than usual.

The facilitators knew how this intense work positively affected people. They had seen physical transformations of others before me because of this emotional and spiritual work and wanted us to be able to see it for ourselves. It was then that I realized energetic baggage can absolutely translate into physical weight.

Energetic baggage might sound like an insensitive term, and I certainly don’t mean it to be that way (it’s my Aquarian nature), but I use it to encompass the many different possible contributing factors: generational energy, ancestral energy, past life energy, trauma, curses, vows, low vibrating energies, non-beneficial programming, etc. Energy healing can often help identify the origin of the “baggage” and release it.

Protective Barrier

Body weight can often be a protection mechanism. People can use body weight to hide themselves from others. For some, body weight is either an intentional or a subconscious way to avoid shining their light. We all have divine gifts, but it can be scary to share them with the world out of fear of judgment from others. There are instances where people do intentionally gain weight to hide, and there are other instances where people are unsure why they are having weight issues. In the case of using weight as a protective barrier, energy healing may be able to help resolve the beliefs and programming surrounding the excess weight.

Absorbing Outside Energy

Empaths and lightworkers are often susceptible to being overweight because they absorb so much energy. It’s like literally having the weight of the world on their shoulders (or in their belly, butt, and thighs). If these individuals forget to regularly cleanse and clear their energetic fields, physical weight gain is a possible side effect. Being an energetic sponge, it is important to establish energetic boundaries and remember to care for ourselves regularly.

Misalignment with Original Divine Blueprint

All of us have a life path called our Original Divine Blueprint. It is possible to become unaligned with our life path because we have free will to make our own decisions and choices, and even our own mistakes. When we are fully aligned with our Original Divine Blueprint, we are tapped into the needs of our minds, bodies, and spirits. When we are not, it is easy to make poor decisions on behalf of our overall well-being, like eating or overindulging in foods that aren’t good for us, avoiding physical activity when our body needs it, or even abusing drugs and alcohol. Misalignment with our Original Divine Blueprints is very common, but it is possible to get back on track. Read Aligning with Your Original Divine Blueprint for Prosperity for a more in-depth discussion.

In my online workshop, the 14-Day Original Divine Blueprint Kickstart, I invite you to partake in a daily energy healing to release the energetic baggage, self-sabotaging behavior, fears, and beliefs of unworthiness so you can embrace joy, love, and prosperity. Because energy can impact our physical weight, it is possible you will release excess weight throughout this process. Participants can realistically shed 3-10+ pounds of excess weight when completing this workshop as recommended. Although the 14-Day Original Divine Blueprint Kickstart is not a weight loss program, releasing excess weight is a very possible side effect.

It’s always exciting to release extra weight if that is an issue for you, but I can’t discount the amazing benefits this program has on your mind and spirit as well. You will gain clarity, you will become more self-aware and connect with yourself on a deeper level, you will feel more grounded and confident. You will feel like YOU.

Much like my experience I shared with you earlier about losing weight over a 3-day period of intensive energy healing, the 14-Day Original Divine Blueprint Kickstart is a gentle, yet intense and powerful workshop. It peels away layers and layers of non-beneficial energy in a short period of time to provide you optimal benefits for your mind, body, and spirit.

Note: I am aware certain medical issues can contribute excess weight. Please always seek advice from a medical professional for advice, diagnosis, and treatment of medical issues. Additionally, The 14-Day Original Divine Blueprint Kickstart could be a beneficial companion on any wellness journey.


Thanks for reading!

Be love. Be light. Just Be.

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About the Author: Hi, I'm Serena James! I'm an energy healer passionate about helping people experience a life full of joy, wellness and prosperity. I'm the owner of Just Be and author of the book Vibe Higher. Be sure to check out my Resources page to support you on your journey of healing and growth.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Any action you take as a result of this information is self-prescribed and your right to do so.


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