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Clean Bubbles

Are you tired of doing life the way you are "supposed" to, but still struggling?

Let me help you do life YOUR way and thrive!

Hi! I'm Serena James.


I'm here to help you thrive by aligning you with your unique energetic signature and empowering you to express your divine gifts to make doing life easier and way more fun.

I’m a certified energy healer in Billings MT and call myself a Soul Empowerment Guide. It's my mission and passion to expand the awesomeness in your life through energy healing.

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Energy Healing: The Key to Unlocking Your Potential

Energy is everything and everything is energy. You, me, animals, nature, a thought, a table, a wall, whatever you can think of; it's all energy.


Energy healing works by adjusting frequencies of anything to the optimal frequency and releasing detrimental energy.

When we find yourself feeling stuck, struggling, or experiencing unnecessary challenges, energy healing will discover and resolve the energetic issues so you experience more of what you want, like joy, good health, success, prosperity, and abundance.

I promise you are here to be and feel amazing and through energy healing, I can help you.

Blue Nails on Green

Free Energy Assessment

Are you vibing high, low, or somewhere in between? Take my free energy assessment and discover the state of your energetic health right away.


Soul Empowerment Guided Experience

Align with your unique energetic signature to do life your way with more fun and more ease in this 10-week, one-on-one program.

14-Day Original Divine Blueprint Kickstart

Kickstart your alignment with your life path in this 14-day, self-guided program.

Touching the Surface
Frozen Bubble

Healing On Demand

Experience the benefits of energy healing at anytime from anywhere.

Resonant Radiance

A 12-week intensive, one-on-one healing experience using advanced energy healing protocols.


Purple Glow

"Sometimes a person can’t fix themself because they don’t know exactly what the whole picture is. JB helped me remove those negative energies that started ruling my life. Thank you JB for always bringing me back to the positive when I need to get back on track!"

Energy Healing Client​

This was an enjoyable and life- changing experience! Serena provided me with so much insight and the changes were immediately recognizable. I looked forward to every session and was never disappointed!

Soul Empowerment Guided Experience Client

Serena James's Soul Empowerment Guided Experience was 10 weeks of getting to know and understand myself and body better. Every session was uplifting and I looked forward to each week with Serena.


I have more energy, less aches, and it doesn't bother me to look at myself in a mirror anymore! ​

Soul Empowerment Guided Experience Client

Image by Tomasz Gawłowski

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