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Author Serena James

What People Are Saying

"Sometimes a person can’t fix themself because they don’t know exactly what the whole picture is. JB helped me remove those negative energies that started ruling my life. My problems weren’t just mental. The problems also included items in my house and surroundings. As individuals we all have different needs to happiness and health. JB helped me find the positive! ❤️ Also JB also works with essential oils and we use those daily from body to household needs. Thank you JB for always bringing me back to the positive when I need to get back on track!"

Donna R.

"So many amazing tips and resources for living a calmer, more balanced and in-tune life!"

Flossie M.

"This is such a truly uplifting page to follow. I definitely recommend it!"

Sarah R.

It can be so frustrating trying to figure out why you're angry, why it's difficult to find a loving partner, why money is scarce...why you just can't feel awesome most of the time. But there is hope. Because everything is energy and when something isn't working well for you, it's time for us to work together to make energetic shifts to get you where you truly desire to be.