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Just Be offers a variety of holistic health services to meet your needs, both in-person and at a distance. No matter where in the world you are, near or far, you can still experience the benefits of our services. Our services are categorized by In-Person Appointments and Phone/Email Appointments to help you choose what works best for you.


In-Person and Phone appointments are conducted at your scheduled appointment time. Email appointments will be conducted and a recap of your session will be sent to your inbox within 48 hours of booking.


Select the appropriate tab or drop down menu to book your appointment. Click on the service for additional information or check out our Energy Healing and Natural Wellness pages.

Should I Choose In-Person or Phone/Email?

Select an In-Person appointment if you are:

  • A new or returning client in the Billings area and can access Just Be's office at your scheduled appointment time.

Select a Phone/Email appointment if you are:

  • A new or returning client outside of the Billings area.

  • A new or returning client who has difficulty making room in your schedule for an in-person appointment.

  • A new or returning client who prefers to remain at your current location during your selected appointment time.

*Note: Email appointments are great for all clients, but if human connection is important to you, we recommend choosing an In-Person or Phone appointment to establish an initial connection between us.

Do Distant Appointments Work as Well as In-Person?

Yes! Energy does not know time and space like we do, so distance does not create a barrier or reduce the effectiveness of your energy healing appointments. 

Which Service Should I Choose?

If you are unsure which service will be most helpful to you, please call us at (701) 340-4069 or send us a message by clicking the chat box. Our healer will be able to determine which service will benefit you most.

  • 50-Minute In-Person Energy Reading

    Take Back Control of Your Life

    50 Min.


  • 60-Minute Home Energy Healing

    Clear the Energy for a Happier Home

    1 Std.


  • Access Bars

    Set Yourself Free

    1 Std. 15 Min.


  • 30-Minute Reiki In-Person

    Relax and De-Stress

    30 Min.


  • 60-Minute Reiki In-Person

    Relax and De-Stress

    1 Std.


  • Aroma Healing - Creativity

    Better Breaks at Work

    15 Min.


  • Aroma Healing - Stress Relief

    Better Breaks at Work

    15 Min.


  • Aromatherapy Free Trial

    Try Before You Buy

    30 Min.


  • Aromatherapy & Toxic-free Living Consult

    Because life doesn't have to be so dirty

    1 Std.


  • ZYTO Scan

    Make Better Decisions About Your Health & Wellness

    30 Min.

    Prices Vary

  • ZYTO Day - 50% Off!

    Make Better Decisions About Your Health & Wellness

    15 Min.