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Energy healing services are available via phone, Zoom meeting, or email. Click on a service to learn more or click "Book Now" on your preferred service to make an appointment.

The services below can be booked for both people and spaces (like home or business). At time of booking, you can indicate in the "Notes" section if there is something specific you would like to work on and if the session you are booking is for Home or Business.

For a deeper healing experience to bring you in full alignment with your unique energetic signature, please check out my 10-week Soul Empowerment Guided Experience.

Should I Choose Phone, Zoom, or Email?

Email appointments are great for all clients, but if human connection is important to you, I recommend choosing a Phone or Zoom appointment to establish an initial connection between us. Clients enjoy email sessions when they would prefer to receive energy healing along with a session recap versus taking time out of their day to have an appointment.

Phone and Zoom appointments will be conducted at the scheduled time you selected. Email sessions will be completed at the scheduled appointment time and a full recap will be sent to your inbox within 4 hours. Your Email recap is a detailed report of action taken by the energy healer, a description of energetic barriers identified and released, and any recommendations moving forward.

Does Distance Healing Work?

Yes! Energy does not know time and space like we do, so distance does not create a barrier or reduce the effectiveness of your energy healing appointments. To learn more and to get answers for other frequently asked questions, visit my FAQs page.

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